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Handmade Whale Plush by CrystalCat101 Handmade Whale Plush :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 1 1 Handmade Stegasarous by CrystalCat101 Handmade Stegasarous :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 0 1 Twilight Sparkle Plusie (2) by CrystalCat101 Twilight Sparkle Plusie (2) :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 0 0 Twilight Sparkle Plushie by CrystalCat101 Twilight Sparkle Plushie :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 2 5
Love Hurts
Im scared
for what might happen
if I tell my friends, if I tell him
if I tell anyone.
I'm afraid he'll just laugh
snicker like it's a joke
and I back away slowly
laughing too, pretending I was kidding
Deep inside I'm hurting
because I love him,
but he doesn't know
he probably never will.
Even though hes my friend
the one who talks to me
listens to me
helps me fit in
I know if I say something
everything will collapse
like it never happened
as if we never knew each other
Love hurts, now I know
when you take the jump of love
you fall but he won't catch you
and you've hit the bottom and shattered into pieces.
:iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 2 2
Broken Road
"I love you,"
I don't know how many times
I've heard that from him
whispered in my ear
But only in dreams
That ended as nightmares
Cause it all crashed down
As he ran away from me
Calling me names like ugly
Though I know he never would
I think it would be true
If I told him my secret
The secret of loving and caring
But I fear that dreadful road
That broken road of life
Where so many true loves are lost
Where I know I could end up
If I tell him the truth
The truth that I maybe, kinda, sorta
Love him
I may never walk down that aisle
And at the end see his face
But maybe if I wish on a shooting star
Someday he'll see that I exist
:iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 2 0
SnowMan 2 by CrystalCat101 SnowMan 2 :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 2 33 Snowman by CrystalCat101 Snowman :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 0 26 Halloween Contest Entry by CrystalCat101 Halloween Contest Entry :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 5 2 Castle Crasher by CrystalCat101 Castle Crasher :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 4 12
You take me to the forest
to a path thats so worn
I don't see it until to late
that look on your face
we stop and sit on that fallen tree
the one we carved our names in
so many many years ago
I started to speak but then you spoke
I never had heard your voice so soft
you said you loved me you said you cared
but than you stared me in the eyes and said we were breaking up
I didnt know what to say
your eyes were deep black holes
I knew right then and there
that you would have to go
I asked for your penknife
and scribbled out our names
then I turned to you
and scribbled out your face
:iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 1 0
The leaves crunch as I walk through the leaves.
I see a squirrel run by its cheeks filled with nuts.
I smile in this walk through the woods I see so much.
I exit onto the path that will take me home and I see the tree that fell so long ago.
It happened when I was 3 nearly 13 years ago.
I sit for a min waiting for a moment when I see the letters carved in the wood.
I wrote them when I was 12 when I had my first kiss.
I remember as if it were yesterday.
The wind picks up and I pull my hoodie around me tighter.
I started walking again and soon made it to the house.
My little briother was jumping in a pile of leaves when I came about.
I helped him rake it up again and then smiled and jumped in myself.
We laughed and I went inside.
I turned on the heater as winter slowly crept up on us.
:iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 1 2
Rue's Lullaby by CrystalCat101 Rue's Lullaby :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 1 6 my deviant id by CrystalCat101 my deviant id :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 1 10 WhirlPool by CrystalCat101 WhirlPool :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 1 4 Art Trade with Flesha-Moonbloo by CrystalCat101 Art Trade with Flesha-Moonbloo :iconcrystalcat101:CrystalCat101 1 4

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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Reading and writing is my passion but I'm also in love with photography and I recently got a new camera and different lenses for my birthday so yay!
-I sew ALOT and it's all by hand so if you want me to make something I'll be willing to haggle a price and I can make nearly anything...

Current Residence: United States
Personal Quote: You are never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream. -C.S. Lewis
Good god its been like 5 years and everything is really different. Everything is on my blog now, enduring-reality on tumblr. If you want, you can go follow me there.



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